Telegraph Hill

Pier lit by yellow lights at dusk

101 Lombard St
San Francisco, CA 94109

Telegraph Hill District at a Glance

Unique & Waterfront Local Businesses

Telegraph Hill is renowned for its Fisherman's Wharf and Waterfront Restaurant. The historic significance of the wharf on the community is still felt through its unique seafood restaurants and specialized shops. You will often not be able to find similar eateries and boutiques anywhere else in the city, or possibly the nation.

Neighborhood Attractions

Telegraph Hill is historically know for the Coit Tower, an mid-19th century structure that was used to communicate with the many sea vessels that would enter and exit the bay daily. While telegraph is no longer the most popular form of communication, Coit Tower is still a popular destination for its unique architecture and historic significance. It also boasts one of the best views of the city and waterfront that you will find.

Outdoor Fun & Recreation

Telegraph Hill is home to several gorgeous green spaces and parks, perfect for enjoying a view of the Coit Tower or expansive waterfront while enjoying the warm San Francisco sun. Enjoy panoramic views at the famous Pioneer Park, or enjoy a unique community event at Washington Square–the opportunities are endless!

Available Properties for Sale in the Telegraph Hill District

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The Telegraph Hill Neighborhood Guide

Telegraph Hill is a quintessential San Francisco community with a scenic look at the historic Coit Tower and easy access to Fisherman's Wharf. The community has retained much of its historic atmosphere and boats some of the most original architecture in the city. Another unique characteristic of the neighborhood is the flock of wild parrots that escaped (or were released by annoyed owners) when importing wild birds was still legal. Telegraph Hill, while most notable for its view of the bay and Coit Tower, is also home to lush landscaping and some incredible shopping and dining locales.

Market Street

Walker’s Paradise

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Transportation in the Telegraph Hill District

Residents of this historic seaside community have easy access to both several light rail stations, as well as stops for the Muni bus. For less local destinations, the airport is easily accessed by residents and visitors alike.

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